We want people to come to misbehave and eat well

Frankie, is a monster born from the corpse of an old industrial warehouse in the Ciutat Vella. The project was materialised with the union of José María Parrado, the brothers Max and Stefano Colombo and the incredible pizzaiolo Lorenzo Vuoturni ‘aka: Lollo’, with the intention of creating an authentic and natural concept.

Frankie opened its doors in May 2017 offering a wide range of classic pizzas and its own creations, always following a philosophy of using natural products and artisan suppliers that, in addition to natural wines, a selection of craft beers and a balanced menu of Mediterranean flavors , revolutionise the culinary offer of the Ciutat Vella from Marqués de Barberà, 15.


The upper floor, ideal for groups looking for a more intimate and private experience. It has two linked areas and a maximum capacity of 50 – 55 people.


“El privé”, with private dining tables overlooking the central nave of the pizzeria where Frankie´s magic happens, two tables of 8 people each, with a maximum of 16.


One of our star dishes is the Porchetta, which is served from the cold dishes station that is in this cozy area and for which it gets its name. Capacity for 20 people.


“La Leñera”, which serves as storage for the wood of the ovens, with a capacity for 8 people.


“El Box”, a table topped by an original lithograph by Mati Klarwein; perfect for groups of friends and large families. Capacity for 14 people.


The central nave of the pizzeria, topped by twin wood ovens. It has a projector to enjoy a movie, a football game, a corporate presentation video and on occasion, a porn movie. Capacity for 70 people seated / 100 standing.

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